How to Make Your Own Quiz to Build Your List

How to Make Your Own Quiz to Build Your List

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for quizzes. As a teenager, I’d flip through the pages of my favorite magazines to find out what lipstick shade would look best for my skin color or which member of the Spice Girls I resembled the most.

As a content strategist, I recommend quizzes to many clients who are building out their sales funnels. Why not make your own quiz as a lead generation tool — just like the ones in my childhood magazines? The engagement level is high, and your audience is willing to play along because the experience is fun, quick, and will provide some value to them.

Still not sure if a quiz if right for your business? Consider this stat: BuzzSumo reports that the average lead-gen quiz gets shared 1,900 times. Are your blog posts, infographics and ebooks being shared that frequently?

When I decided to create the first quiz for my own business, I researched quiz-builders for a long time before happily settling on Interact. There were many that seemed nice, but none seemed to meet everything on my short list of requirements: I wanted different “scoring” options, an intuitive and automated scorer, the ability to segment respondents, and a tool that allowed me to customize the design to match my brand style.

And holy smokes, Interact delivered. I was blown away by all the features and even more impressed with the analytics you have access to if you’re on the Pro plan. But, wanting to make your own quiz and actually doing it is two very different things. Would all of Interact’s bells and whistles live up to what I expected? Would I like it enough to recommend it to you?

The answers are yes and yes.

If you want to make your own quiz and are looking for a little advice as to how you should get started, here are a few of my best tips.

Work Backwards

Before you even begin to make your own quiz, know your end goal. Interact offers three different types of quizzes you can create: a personality quiz, an assessment quiz, or a scored quiz. Choosing one of these will help you better decide what types of questions to ask and how you’ll frame the results.

Not sure which would be best for you? Start with a personality quiz, which is what the majority of Interact’s users choose for their own quizzes. (It’s what I’m using for mine, too!)

But even more important, know what results you want your audience to get when they’ve finished answering questions. Let’s pretend you’re a graphic designer with a quiz about how to choose your brand colors. Your audience is going to want to finish the quiz by learning what colors they should use in their branding. Simple, right? The basic results may be a simple list of colors, ranging from neutrals to bright and bold colors to various shades of one color.

Don’t try to overdeliver here. Keep the path from the overall topic direct to the results you’re providing.

Make Your Own Quiz With A Template

Like any new tool, you’ll find there’s a slight learning curve to figuring out how to make your own quiz. Though, Interact has completely solved that problem by providing templates you can use with quizzes already loaded in. In fact, they have so many pre-made quizzes that all you have to do is sort by the industry you’re in, click on the quiz you like, and technically you’d be ready to go.

Awesome, amiright? Interact is making it as simple as possible for you to engage better with your current audience and  build relationships with new leads.

Customize Your Quiz

You’re not ready to publish the quiz once you figure out what journey to take your audience on with your quiz. But don’t worry. You’re almost there. The next step is taking the template and customizing the design to completely match your branding.

Here you can change colors, fonts, and images to match your branding. You can also add your logo to the quiz in the bottom right corner. And don’t think branding is the only thing that can be customized. You can change all of the copy on the quiz, as well as the results, to make it read more in your brand voice.

Once you get the hang of using Interact (and trust me, it’s a quick learn!), you can create quizzes from scratch, but the templates are so helpful to get you started.

Plan A Follow Up Sequence

So, you’ve created the quiz and you’re ready to share it with your current audience. Wait one moment before you do that. (I know. I know. I keep telling you to pump the brakes. I promise you can share this thing in just one moment.)

The content strategist in me wants to make sure your getting the best bang for your buck for the quiz you created. The results can’t be the ending point for your audience. The next step is figuring out how to keep engaging your participants.

Show them right from the start how you’re a value provider. Send an thank you email for completing your survey, and don’t stop there. Using the previous example, if you have an ebook on color branding or a pre-completed brand style, send that, too.

Then, figure out how you’ll approach the rest of the email sequence. You’ll need a get-to-know me type email, but you’ll also need to consider what your end goal is for these new leads.

In the above example, the graphic designer would need to consider whether or not she wanted them to purchase a complete branding service with her or simply hop on the phone for a branding strategy call. Knowing what you’d like from your leads will help you figure out how to move them through your sales funnel.

Guess what? You’ve done all the hard work (and I’ll bet you didn’t even find that painful!) It’s time for you to share the quiz you created with your audience, and don’t forget to encourage them to share it with their network too.

So what are you waiting for? Make your own quiz on Interact for FREE now.



Disclosure: I was given access to Interact so I could review it and share my thoughts with you. That being said, I love, love, love it and highly recommend it to you. Also, this post may include some affiliate links. By signing up with these links you won’t be charged anything extra; i’ll just receive a small percentage back. Affiliate funds help me continue to provide top-notch content for you, and I’m only an affiliate for brands I completely stand behind.