It's time to make a plan.

You love writing, but as you’ve been putting your work out on the web, you’ve noticed the words aren’t driving the traffic you’d hoped they would. You’ve either got a blog you’re proud of, and maybe even a handful of assets you know your readers need, but no one’s looking. Or, you have high traffic to your site, but absolutely no conversions.

This isn’t because readers don’t value strong, empathetic, well-told stories; it’s because you’re lacking a strategy.

Search engine optimization can be an incredibly difficult, not to mention time-intensive, science. Once you think you’ve fully grasped a set of best practices, Google updates its algorithm (a process that happens approximately 500-600 times each year), and you find yourself out of date again.  You can’t keep up with that—and you’re not even sure how to get started if you wanted to try.

And what about all those assets? You’ve got plenty of materials and established distribution channels you can use to share them, but everything feels kind of piecemeal. You know you need to put together a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your brand voice (while also feeling fresh and personal to each of your audiences)—but you don’t know how.

I do.

Let’s work together to develop a long-term content strategy that starts with your blog and branches out to your social media channels, your web and email copy, and all your other assets—both digital and in print. If SEO is your biggest pain point, I can dive deep into your keyword strategy, pinpointing the long-tail keywords that ensure your audience finds your content when they need it the most. From there, I can shape your strategy and develop an editorial calendar that ensures your optimized content is delivered at the optimal cadence to increase readership and generate leads. Or, maybe you’re so full of ideas but don’t know where to start. I can help you to pin them down into email opt ins, blog posts or ebooks. Put simply: we can work together to get your content goals ideated, organized, and implemented so that you’re set up for success.

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