who would have thought

that putting words to the page would be one of the

most difficult parts of doing business?


Yet here you are.

Spending all your time trying to massage your message, and what you end up with (or what you’ve already hired out) lacks a certain je ne sais quoiYour web copy, your email marketing, your lead magnets, your blog posts...they all leave you feeling unsatisfied.


And you know that if you’re not content with the content — like how I did that there? — it’s going to fall flat for your audience as well.

Wondering how I was able to peg you so quickly?

Well, it’s not just you that’s struggling. All of my clients come to me with some level of frustration over the fact that their web copy or marketing content isn’t coming out or performing how they hoped.


They say things like:

     👎  I don’t understand why this is so hard for me. I’ve written a thesis for goodness sake. This should be easier!

     👎   I’m great at what I do, but I have absolutely no clue how to articulate that, and I’m afraid it’s beginning to cost me clients.

     👎   I’m too busy to ever devote the time I need to content creation. And my website hasn’t been updated in years.

     👎   My competitors’ websites make me so jealous. I just can’t figure out how to talk about my business like they do theirs.

     👎   I tried hiring out all of my writing, but I never really felt connected to any of it. The writing never sounded like me.

     👎   I’m embarrassed to send people to my website. It’s cobbled together and it doesn’t showcase my business how I want to be seen.


Website Copy

i'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way.

Office desk



Partnering with a writer (like me!) frees you up to focus on whatever it is that you do best, while still getting copy that speaks to your ideal clients.

Now, I get that turning over control and letting another human manage your messaging feels like a really big deal.

It is!

Aligning your business with the right conversion copywriter and content strategist is what will set your marketing and message apart from your peers.

If you’re looking for a great conversion copywriter, you want someone with:


A degree doesn't necessarily have be a requirement, but a long-term study of craft is a must for any successful conversion copywriter.


Practice makes perfect, and that's not just an overused phrase. The more a conversion copywriter practices, the better content they'll produce.


You shouldn't be the only person excited about your project. Hire a conversion copywriter who cheers you and your business on while working together.


An experience copywriter has a deep understanding of how your client's needs and wants drive copy decisions.


Drafts give a copywriter the opportunity to nail your messaging, voice, and deliver perfect-for-you copy as an end result.


A professional conversion copywriter manages your project in a systemized, efficient manner, creating an experience you'll always remember.

you could hire any copywriter or content strategist

but i'm not just anybody.



hey, there!

Erin Ollila here.

DSC_5513 copy

Professional bio

Erin Ollila believes in the power of words and how a message can inform – and even transform – its intended audience.

Her work can be found all over the internet and in print, and includes interviews, ghostwriting, copywriting, and creative nonfiction. Erin is a geek for SEO, CX, MLB, and apparently abbreviations in general. She graduated from Fairfield University with an MFA in Creative Writing.

Career highlights

  • Recognized by ClearVoice as a top content strategist and a top business writer.
  • Founding member of the Creative Advisory Panel and Breakthrough Award nominee at Skyword.
  • Co-founding editor of Spry Literary Journal, an award winning online journal featuring brief prose and poetry.
  • Chapter editor of the book Now What: The Creative Writer's Guide to Success After the MFA

personal fun facts

  • Winner of the Trueblood Award given to the incoming MFA student who was "most unabashedly themselves" and later unanimously voted as my cohort's graduation speaker.
  • Buys one (or more) paper agendas every year, but never uses them. (2021 is looking promising!)
  • Mom of three — my people and project management skills have been perfected!
  • Talks about my love for ice cream way too often.
don't just take my word for it

here's what my happy clients say:

“I wish I had a hundred writers like Erin Ollila.

Her prose sings, she's a delight to edit, she always makes deadline, and her pitches are insightful and well-considered.

Even better, you can assign her anything, and trust her to work it out, even if it's off her beat.

Fellow editors: snap her up, and pay her well. She's worth every penny.”

John Brownlee

Editor in Chief of Folks Magazine

“My content audit with Erin was like sitting in the kitchen together, going step by step through the details.

She delivered clear, accessible suggestions on what works, what doesn't and what needs adjustments.

In some instances, Erin explained in multiple ways how to adjust copy, links, format, design, color and flow to guide readers through my content with ease. I am filled with inspiration for improving and creating content for my community.” 

Melody Lima

“Erin’s ability to break down complex ideas into relatable, educational, and entertaining pieces makes her one of our top contributors.

We are so thankful she is part of the team!” 

Mia McPherson

Editor-in-Chief, SmarterCX

“If making sure that your voice and personality shine through your writing matters, then hiring Erin to work along side you, to guide you, coach you and help you is one of the best things you can do for your business.

You'll learn so much more about writing copy than you could even imagine. Go for it!”

Carrie LaDue

“Erin is a content genius.

I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed while planning out my blog and social media content for the year. I needed some help organizing ideas and making sure my content strategy was going to work for my business.

After hoping on the phone with Erin, I now have a ton of ideas and a plan of action. I got SO much value out of a short-call with Erin. I totally recommend working with her for your content-strategizing!” 

Lucy Cantley

“Erin is an extremely talented, eager, and creative contributor to our team.

She is a pleasure to work with, and we are continuously impressed with her articles and ideas.” 

Jodi Warner

SmarterCX Content Marketing Specialist

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